Pickup and delivery now available!

We’re here for you

Did you know that we are offering more ways then ever before to get your weekly comics?

Curbside! Call, email, or message ahead of time and pay over the phone or by email invoice. Get your weekly subscription plus anything else you want to add. Then park in our back parking lot, give us a call, and we bring your comics to you!

Delivery! Do you live within about 30 minutes of the shop? We have been doing deliveries throughout the pandemic and we are going to continue with this service! Call, email, or message for an invoice. Then give us your address, and any special delivery instructions, and then sit back and get your comics from your porch! Generally we deliver to south of the shop (Chicopee, Holyoke, Springfield, etc…) on Thursday & Friday. North of the shop (Northampton, Deerfield, Turners Falls, etc..) Saturday & Sunday. We try to batch deliveries so please let us know what your needs are and we will work to accommodate you.

Online store! We have been working on getting many items up for sale online! All-ages books! Sets! New comics! Collected editions! Supplies! Toys! Masks! We are also putting all new weekly single issues and graphic novels that we get into the online store as well. Items bought from the store can either be picked up curbside, delivered, or mailed depending on where they’re going.

In store shopping! We are now opening up our doors to a limited number of customers each week! On Wednesday and Saturday we are offering by appointment in store shopping! Let us know if you want to come in and browse!

Free Comic Book Day 2020! This year is obviously a little different. Each week they are releasing a handful of titles. We are getting a limited quantity of each one. If there’s a couple that you’re interested in let us know and we’ll do our best to set them aside for you. If you want a few extras we are asking that you make a donation to a local Black Lives Matter organization in lieu of the can drive that we normally do. If you are looking for a full set of all 45 titles we will have a few available for $30, all proceeds will be donated this year!

If you’re missing going through our back issues, we still have them! Put together a list for us and we’ll try to fill it for you!