Thanks for your interest in signing up for a Subscription Pull Membership.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We ask subscribers to be in at least 12 times a year to pick up your books. We would prefer to see you more regularly, of course, but if we haven’t seen a subscriber in 5-6 weeks, we will give them a call and/or check in by email. We don’t like to cancel pulls, so we will do everything we can (within reason) to work something out in the case of life changes, job loss or whatever.

SUBSCRIPTION TIERS: We have three tiers of subscription membership. TIER ONE is for 9 books a month or less, and comes with a 10% discount on your books. TIER TWO is for 10+ books per month, and comes with a 20% discount. TIER THREE subscribers compose a list each month using the PREVIEWS catalog, and qualify for our highest discount of 25%. Lists submitted are required to be formatted according to our instructions (clearly listing the comic’s title, issue number, and either the page you found it on or its item code). Also, you are required to buy all items you pre-order from the PREVIEWS catalog.

BAGS AND BOARDS: We can have your books pre-bagged and boarded for .25 per book.

BACK ISSUES: We also encourage regulars to give us any want lists they have, for filling in back issues. We call this “COMIXHUNT!” We get in all sorts of stuff regularly, and are happy to keep an eye out for specific books for interested collectors.

If you have any questions or concerns, adds or drops, requests or anything at all, feel free to stop by the store (64 Cottage Street in Easthampton, MA) during business hours (listed on our home page), or call us at (413) 529-0800. We also pride ourselves on being responsive to email and social media messages.