Back Issues

What’s that?

Nah, seriously, “COMIXHUNT!” is our name for our new back issue curation system, and the philosophy behind how we’re approaching selling back issues, moving forward

At Comics N’ More, we want looking through our back issues to be fun, easy, straightforward, and always worth doing, because there’s always new books being added to them. Over the past few months, we’ve been pulling, researching and grading all of the back issue comics we already had available in our store, and combining them with the steady influx of back issues which had been coming in quicker than we could process them for a while. As we’ve been doing this (and it is, and will continue to be an ongoing work in progress), we’ve transferred hundreds of floppies (great books we’ve just got overstock on) to our dollar bins, which we’ll doing from time to time.

All of the comics in the back issue sleeve bins are now priced, and we will be adding more books very regularly. Just below this message is a public Google Doc that corresponds to the contents of our back issue sleeve bins, and it will be updated frequently to reflect our current stock.

In addition to these steps we’ve taken to improve back issue shopping, we are also much better equipped to fill needs from our customers’ want lists. If you’ve got some things that you’re looking for, drop us a line with your want list, or just come see about us, and we’ll see what we have for you.

Open COMIXHUNT! Inventory Document in Google Docs