Online shop – Shipping or local delivery!

Hello! We hope you’re all well and safe. We are still kicking over here! You know us Comixmongers – SIMPLY FUSS FREE.

Thanks to y’alls continued and incredible generosity .

If you have a subscription pull that you’d like to acquire, we can do that, just contact us. We’ve gotten a little bogged down with everything, so there is a chance that we’ve missed you if you’ve called or emailed; our apologies we promise that we are trying to keep up.

It’s been quite the adjustment to work from home, and not be able to see all of you in the shop. We’re working hard to keep up with the changing times!

That means we are working away at getting items into our NEW ONLINE SHOP! New comics may not be returning for a at least a few more weeks, (right now the target date is 05/20/20) but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of things that you’ve been meaning to read!

If there’s something you’re looking for, and it isn’t in the shop, please message us. We are more then happy to check if we have it on the shelf or if we can source it for you.

Got Want list for back issues? Send it our way!